Saturday, 22 June 2013

Singapore Haze: One Bright Saturday Afternoon

After almost a week without direct sunlight and blue sky, yesterday miracle did happen and voila blue sky appeared!

I saw this sight on my way out and it brought smile to my face right away.
What's not to smile about? Blue sky? lush green trees? bright pink flowers that seem to be reaching their way out to the sky to get some sun?
And when I reached home at night, there it was, moon lingering in the sky behind thin cloud (or was it haze?), nevertheless, it was still a beautiful sight...

It is in the news that though there was a bright and clear afternoon, haze could come back anytime soon. And today, though I can't see blue sky, the sunlight is still coming strong, so I suppose we should make use of and be grateful for what is given to us, and hope that the haze issue shall pass soon enough :)

Have a great weekend everybody!

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