Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NZ-OZ Trip: Auckland - Wintergarden, Parnell

Just few hundred meters from War Memorial Museum of Auckland, there is Wintergarden. Being designed in 1920s, it is consists of 2 Victorian style glass houses and one quarry at the rear.
One glass house shows tropical plants, and the other glass house shows seasonal plants. I didn't go in to the quarry as it fills with wide variety of ferns, and frankly, I'm only interested in flowers and sometimes fruit plants.

A short walk from Auckland Domain (where the museum and Wintergarden are), there is Parnell Road and it's a good place to take a walk. There are restaurants, cafes, galleries, etc, and also rows of houses made of wood. There is also St. Mary's Cathedral, which is just beautiful. It was the first time for me to see a large wooden church, and it is really a beauty.

Selwyn Library
Apple store housed in an actual house building

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