Wednesday, 19 June 2013

NZ-OZ Trip - Auckland War Memorial Museum

War Memorial Museum, Auckland
Though the name is War Memorial Museum, this museum also covers other stuff, like history of New Zealand (including Maori people and culture), wild life, Asian culture, etc.
There are 2 entrances, the one near Wintergarden and the other one close to Parnell area.
I came in from the latter entrance, and welcome by a spacious atrium with souvenir shop and cafe.

The souvenir shop offers wide range of postcards, and it also sells stamps, with the postbox right next to the entrance. Convenient for those who likes sending postcards like me :)

Here some pictures of the museum:

This kid is so brave. He opened each drawer filled with all kinds of insects and practically stared at each of them! I myself had to stay at a safe distance...

At the war memorial, the walls are filled with panels of names of those died in the wars, except for one. One would wonder why there's one panel with no names, until their sight goes to the writing at the bottom.

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