Sunday, 30 June 2013

NZ-OZ Trip: Queenstown

It only took few minutes stroll by the lake for me to fall in love with Queenstown...
If there is one thing that I like the least about it, it's just the fact that it could be very cold early in the morning-yeah, being born and raised in tropical country, I'm not used to cold weather.

My fave spot would be a bench by the lake (and there are many of them, never worry to not be able to snatch one), enjoying the scenery of the Remarkables, just relax my mind and let it wonder. Oh god, how I wish teleporting was already invented and I could just transport myself there anytime I wanted to.

Queenstown is considered quite tourist-y, and the most crowded area is the Mall where lies a lot of restaurants, cafes, outdoor stores, tourist informations/tours, etc. Skyline Gondola is only few minutes walk from the Mall, and there's a beautiful Queenstown Garden by the lake.

I think most people would prefer rent a car from the airport, but since I was travelling solo and I had no intention to rent a car, public bus was my only option, and no worries, there is Connectabus that goes all the way to town-it is convenient.

I would love to talk more about Queenstown, but since it has been a very busy week and I'm exhausted, I'd just show some photos I have. Enjoy!

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