Monday, 6 May 2013

Past Sewing Projects

I'm back!!!

So good to be back and have access to my dear laptop - I guess I'm not as comfortable as I thought I was with portable gadgets such as handphone and ipad to do some blogging. I just love the feeling of typing using an ACTUAL keyboard and not the one on touch screen!

I'm not in the middle of organizing photos from my 5-week trip - officially my longest trip so far - there are like hundreds of them so it will take a while, and as I was too eager to post something in my dear blog, I will post some pictures of my past sewing projects :-)

*note: they are not chronologically ordered

pouch with red fabric flower
tote bag with red flowers and butterfly
fabric folder
simple patchwork pouch
drawstring pouch - fabric envelope - boxy pouch
lunch bag
lunch bag 2
metal-framed purse set
metal-framed purse set 2
gift bags

And just because I can - I had a very plain and simple red velvet jewelry box, and I was so tempted to prettify it, and after adding a little bit of lace and a cute piece of fabric, I can say that I'm satisfied with the outcome :-)

cute jewelry box

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