Monday, 13 May 2013

Back to Real Life

It's been a week since I'm back from my looo~ng vacation, and for the past few days, it was so hard to adjust myself back to my usual daily routine. And not until last Friday that I managed to get the hang of it - Finally!

Today also marked the first day of getting back to shape (after one month of no-exercise-and-ate-what-I-could-find), and I started it with trying on jogging. For the record, I did usually exercise - 3-4 times a week - but they consisted of Xbox Kinect Your Shape 2012 or following a video of yoga.

I didn't jog. I tried few years back and I found it boring to just run around the neighborhood and also felt like I was breathing on exhaust fume while running (it's not that bad in Singapore compared to highly polluted Jakarta, but still...). And then when I was staying with a friend at Sydney, he jogs on weekends at a park in his neighborhood and he managed to convince me to give jogging a second try after knowing there is a park few kilometers away from where I live.

And so I did... sort of...

My plan was to start jogging from the small path near my building that leads to park, then go around the park before then heading back to the starting path and go back home. However! the distance from the start of that path to the park is more than 1 km, and being a noob in jogging as I am, and the fact that I haven't been exercising for more than a month, after passing 500m mark (according to Distance Calculator app I installed in my phone), I lost my breath... it's pathetic, I know... I kinda blame the hot tropical sun too!

So in the end, my plan was kinda a bust. I kept walking-jogging until 1 km mark, then I walked-jogged back home. Sorry, Bishan Park, I shall visit you some other time.

Anyway, although today's plan was somewhat failed, I still want to stick to having jogging as one of my weekly exercises, and I kinda hope to jog maybe twice a week if the weather permits.

Do wish me luck!

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